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Non-Contact 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


– This scanner rapidly and easily scans a wide surface. With a measuring instrument, it has various advantages and the flexibility of a portable multi-joint 3D measuring instrument.
It uses a noncontact laser-scanning type. Its laser speed is 458,400 points per second, and it is easy to scan a geometric shape in tridimensional manner. Compared with the measurement that uses a contact probe, this noncontact type can display a shape more precisely.

  • This equipment is a multi-joint measuring instrument. It can easily measure a product that cannot be moved. In a field where there is a product that is difficult to move or when a product with a complex structure is measured, this machine is used with high flexibility and precision.
    In particular, it is used in various applications such as the deformation inspection of a complex or large product, the process setting, or the general assembly and automobile field review. Even unskilled workers can acquire a reliable measurement result for a short period of time if they receive a simple education.

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