Assembly Line

In an effort to satisfy our customers’ demand, we adapted various processes for each component such as applying super engineering raw material, ultra-sonic welding, spinning welding, over-molding and vibration welding and so on.

In early 2008, we developed two-components-dispensing-process to utilize formed-in gasket type instead of pressed-in gasket that used to be assembled manually. We were the 1st company in Korea who adapted this silicone material and gasket dispensing robot.

3D Silicone pad printing is a great leap forward from tradition printing methods such as silk screen printing and traditional pad printing. The 3D Silicone pad printing is applicable to various shapes of components and thus contributes to reduce cycle-time, enhance paint quality, and save paint consumption.

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Gasket Dispensing Machine

Limiter Inserting Machine

Vibration Welding Machine

Limiter Inserting Machine

Spin Welding Machine,
Ultrasonic Welding Machine,
Leak Tester Machine

Oil Deflector Machine

Silicon Pad Printing Equipment

Assembly Machines 22 units

Name Quantity
Gasket Dispensing Machine 2
Limiter Inserting Machine 10
Vibration Welding Machine 1
Ultrasonic Welding Machine 6
Spin Welding Machine 1
Oil Deflector Machine 2
Silicon Pad Printing Equipment 1
Riveting Machine 1

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