Corporate Philosophy

Innovative Plastic Injection Molding Company for Powertrain Components

Since founded in 1991, Chunil Engineering has been dedicated as a specialized plastic injection molding company for automotive powertrain components. Paving the way for the metal replacement project, Chunil has been supplying various plastic components for GM transmission assemblies. Together with constant development of new technology, we have been securing price competitiveness by improving productivity.

In 2013, GM awarded us one of the most honorable awards for suppliers, GM’s Supplier Of the Year, in recognition of Chunil’s contribution to technology, quality, due diligence and business performance of cost reduction. Since then, we have been annually chosen as the SOY award winner so far.

Our goal is achieving “sustainable growth” and ensuring “shared prosperity”.

It has only been 25 years since Chunil has been established. By adapting to a fast-changing global market, we will keep working earnestly with a global outlook for sustainable growth and co-prosperity with loyal customers and our members for the next 100 years.

We will keep up the good work!

Chunil Engineering Co., Ltd.


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