R&D Laboratory

Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber


 Control system  Balanced Temp. & Humidity Control System
Temperature  Range -70℃ ~ 150℃
 Stability ±0.2℃
 Uniformity  ±1.0℃
 Heat up time -70℃ → 100℃ within 50min
 Pull-down time 20℃ → -70℃ within 90min
 Humidity  Range 30 ~ 98%RH
Stability ±1.0%RH
Uniformity ±2.0%RH
Material Internal Stainless steel 1.2t
External Steel (SS41, Powder coating)
Insulation Mineral wool 100t
  • This equipment is used to create a certain space at a specific temperature with a specific humidity. It is essential for the durability and reliability product tests in modern industries such as electronic goods, precision machines, textile, food, pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, and optical material parts. It creates an excessive climate status beyond the necessary condition for a certain time to predict product durability under normal conditions.
  • To implement the temperature and humidity status, factors that increase/decrease the temperature and humidity, those that keep the room temperature and humidity constant, and those that control them should be harmonized.

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