R&D Laboratory

Coordinate Measuring Machine


Measuring Range (mm) 400* 500 *400
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1220* 1300* 2100
Resolution (㎛) 0.5 / 0.1
Maximum Permissible Error
per ISO 10360-2 (㎛, L:mm)
E 2.0+L/300
P 2
 Maximum Velocity (mm/s) 400
Air Requirements (kg/㎠, NL, min) 4, 25
Maximum Workpiece Weight (kg) 300
Machine Weight (kg) 600
  • This machine is a 3D measuring instrument. The 3D coordinates of the height, width, and depth are digitally displayed.
    Contact measurement sensor (A probe makes contact with the surface of an object to measure and acquire the coordinates of the contact point.)
  • A contact measuring instrument can precisely check an object. The reason is that it does not shoot an object by laser or with a camera. Instead, it directly measures an object.
    Even a complex object can be measured with high precision within a very short time.
    The weak point is that the contact measuring instrument is slower than the noncontact machine in terms of inspection speed.
  • The 3D measuring instrument selects a probe in accordance with the object, and allows easy measurement of the center location and center distance of the hole, the plane coordinates, the inner/outer measurement stepped pulley, the 3D coordinates of a curved surface, and the position deviation.

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