R&D Laboratory

Flammability Tester


Model WL110H
Burner Bunsen Burner
Flame Method Horizental Type
Dimensions 450W x 350D x 500Hmm
Net Weight 10kg
Stnadard Medhod ISO 3795,
SAE J369
JIS D 1201,
Sample Interior/Exterior Material of Automobile, Synthetic Resin, and Paint
  • This equipment checks the fire retardant content of the interior materials of automobiles and the interior/exterior materials of construction materials like plastic, synthetic resin, urethane, etc.
    – It is ignited through an automatic ignition device. A user can set the time of ignition and extinguishment.
    – With its gas flow valve, the stability of the gas during ignition can be checked. With its door S/W, it is automatically extinguished when the door is opened. As such, it is safer than others.
    – Each standard is divided into horizontal, vertical, and 45˚ types.
    – The horizontal type is manufactured based on FMVSS302, a standard related to the interior materials of automobiles.

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