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FUJIFILM Corporation


Main Functions Prescale image input function
Pressure distribution display function
Pressure data output function
3D display function/polar coordinate display function
Scan Sizes Single Read: 297mm X 210mm(11.7 in X 41.3 in)
Maximum: 891mm X 1050mm(35.1 in X 41.3 in)
Resolution 0.125(200dpi), 0.25(100dpi), 0.5,1,2mm sq.
Dedicated Cover Weight 570g
Dedicated Cover Dimensions 70(H) X 290(W) X 364(D)mm
  • This machine is a pressure-distribution mapping system, which converts the free-scale measurement data to numerical data or saves data to analyze the data.
    In a free-scale film, finely encapsulated color coupler and developer are applied. The fine capsules are broken because of pressure, and the encapsulated color coupler and developer are chemically interacted to be in the red. The fine capsules are processed in multiple processes with various strengths. Thus, according to the pressure, the red color with a diverse density level is created.

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