Injection Line

For injection, we build automation systems so that a minimum number of workers can manage them with care.
Raw materials are efficiently used and supplied through the automatic input system, and this system is centrally controlled to supply materials to an individual injection molding machine. Each molding machine has a mold temperature sensor. Thus, if an error occurs, the alarm lamp is switched on. A formed product is discharged to the robot. It is moved to the second floor assembly line through an automatic conveyor. In addition, we manage the quality in the injection site every morning for rapid work and continuous check.

Control Screen for Auto Feeding

Raw Material Auto Feeding

Injection Line #1

Injection Line #2, #3

Mold Temperature Monitoring Device

Display of Hydraulic Fluid Samples

Injection Machines 24 units

Ton Quantity Items
100 2 Scoop-Plate, Scoop-Leg, Plug, Cap
220 1 Assist Handles
220 6 Scoop Snubber, Assist Handles
280 2 Air Inlet, Timing Belt Cover, Pressure Relief Valve
350 3 Baffle, Engine Control Module Bracket, Emblem Cover, Water Outlet
400 7 Cover Asm-Valve Body
500 2 Appliqué, Back Panel Lower, Brackets
650 1 Engine Covers

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