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Digital Measuring Projector


※ Multifunction data processor

→ Function for calling the measurement elements of point, line, circle, distance, intersection point, intersecting angle, and max. distance

→ Statistical processing function using the number of data, max. value, min. value, average, standard deviation, and scope histogram

Projection Correct Image
Screen Size ø 300
Screen Rotation Angle 0° ~360°
Accuracy of Rotation Angle 6′
Stage Size 340mm X 152mm
X-axis Measurement Range 150mm
Y-axis Measurement Range 50mm
Z-axis Focusing Distance 90mm
X- / Y-axis Accuracy (4+L/25)㎛
Resolving Power 0.001mm
Outside Size 760mm * 980mm * 1300mm
Lighting  Projecting Lighting : 12V-100W
Reflective Lighting : 24V-150W
Weight About 135kg
  • This tester is a digital projector. It substitutes the existing measuring method that uses a projector with a new one wherein the actual video and the product drawing of a sample are compared and analyzed. Also, it allows the inspection result to be computerized. It is a drawing comparison and display system.
    – Clear and accurate image formation, correct magnification, and easy to measure for comparison
    – Non-curved surface and condenser-lens lamp system, light of the screen in balance, decrease in measurement error, and precision guarantee
    – Select a Phillips long-life halogen lamp to meet the long-term use requirements.
    – Bidirectional cooling of the axial-flow fan. Strong cooling capacity is provided.

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