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Hot Pull method can be applied to other system such as steering cooling line, fuel feeding line, brake fluid line, etc,.
To prevent leakage at hose land, no parting line was realized using “Hot Pull” injection molding method.
By adopting Hot Pull method, the compact design of water outlet can be achieved.

Hot Pull

It may take much time to fix a gasket and mount it in a mechanical part. If the gasket is not properly installed, excessive costs may be required because of airtightness failure and a needed rework. An onsite gasket resolves the above problem, as well as the difficulties during gasket production. It substitutes a gasket whose shape is formed, and the product is stably sealed in a rapid and efficient manner.

A (silicon) and B (hardening agent) are mixed in the nozzle of a robot and sprayed to a product. The silicon mixed with the hardening agent is naturally foamed over time. The foam plays a role in a gasket.

What is gas-assisted injection molding?

Gas-assisted injection molding is an injection method that proceeds with resin filling and holding pressure after filling a certain amount of resin by a catapult. It is an injection method of a new concept that overcomes the shortcomings of existing methods such as shrinkage, bending, and longer periods of processing.

  1. Inject raw materials into a mold. (Inject half of all the raw materials.)
  2. Inject the gas. Then, the raw materials will inflate like a balloon in the mold.
  3. Continuously inject the gas until the inflated materials are filled with the empty space.
  4. After there are no more empty spaces, increase the gas pressure to prevent their contraction.
  5. After the raw materials have cooled, stop the gas injection and separate the product.
  • This welding method uses a strong molecular bonding phenomenon. Convert the 60-hertz (power supply) electric energy to mechanical energy through an oscillator, and pressurize the processing product using a hone. Then, a sudden but strong friction force is generated in the joining face, enabling the face to melt and adhere.
  • An adhesive is not necessary, and the adhesion time is short. The product does not easily discolor, and the surface is semipermanently adhered.

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