R&D Introduction

1. Based on the knowledge development for existing products, there is a need to challenge the development of a new product.

>> Through the development of a new product, additional knowledge is accumulated to show a new vision.

2. Secure high-quality products and develop improved technology.

>> High trust of our customers in our products

3. Forecast the mid- and long-term future trend based on the industrial flow, and prepare for the future.

>> Develop new technologies and processes

cer11Corporate research center was
founded on Sep 8, 2009.

We provide optimized solutions through fast and correct research and development, in consideration of the customers’ requirements.

Sourcing Process

Development Process


  1. Lead the manufacturing technology to produce high-quality plastic automobile parts.
  2. Pursue continuous innovation with cutting-edge technology development and cost reduction.


  1. Develop technologies by accurately analyzing the customers’ requirements
  2. Efficiently develop future-oriented technologies.
  3. Create a creative research culture to apply creative ideas.
  4. Rapidly and correctly apply the customers’ requirements in consideration of the quality from the design/development stage.

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