R&D Laboratory

Universal Testing Machine


Items EMC-20
  Capacity(max.) 2Ton· f
  Control Method   Computer control with Digital controller
  Load & Position Display   Computer monitor display
  Load Sensor & Accuracy   Load cell & ± 0.5% with
  Posion Sensor & Accuracy   Rotary encoder & ± 1% within
  Test room(width X height) 480 X 1000
  Crosshead speed (㎜/min)   0.1 ~ 500
  Crosshead movement   servo Motor Operation & Ball screw
  Dimension (Approx.)
(W X D X H)(㎜)
  2270 X 750 X 1900
  Electric power   Three phase,220V,50/60Hz
  Option   Extensometer
  • This machine is a computer-type all-round tester that allows a tensile test and a compression test for various timbers, thin boards, plastics, PVCs, rubbers, papers, leathers, fabrics, and tapes. In addition, a stripping test can be performed with additional equipment. Furthermore, its speed and transfer precision are excellent as the electrical power control type and high precision are supported. It is designed and manufactured to be suitable for tests that require elongation.

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